Wild Rice Sausage and mushroom casserole

This was hard to name. I looked all over for a sausage with wild rice recipe that my friend had made me one day and couldn’t find one similar.

I ended up making a completely different recipe.

I found a few online, and kind of just “winged it”. There were so many different variations to this recipe. All of them had rave reviews. I just used what I had on hand in my pantry.

Wild Rice Sausage and mushroom casserole


2c wild rice mix

3tbs butter

3c water

Pinch of salt

(Or make according to directions on container)





1lb mild sausage

1c sharp cheddar cheese

2 cans cream of mushroom soup



1c chicken broth (I eyeballed this, and I’m not sure it’s needed. I used it because I had an open container in my fridge. I really think this could be skipped)

Cook rice

In a saucepan, I added olive oil, onions & celery. Once those are near done, add sausage. You could also add mushrooms. I didn’t have any.

Mix in cream of mushroom soup and broth. Add rice. Sprinkle pepper and parsley. Fold in cheese. Bake in a preheated 350 oven for 30 min.


My kids really liked this. I don’t think it is visually very appealing, but the flavor was great! You can change this recipe to your liking. My kids ate everything on their plates and even got seconds! I would definitely make this again. We really don’t have any picky eaters in our family. My kids love their veggies!

Let me know if you try this recipe!



Bread Pudding Recipe

At the grocery store I saw two containers of croissants on clearance. I immediately got excited because stale bread is perfect for bread pudding! Croissants are my favorite to use!

Here is a simple recipe!

Bread Pudding


2c milk

3tbsp butter

2tsp vanilla extract

1/3c sugar

Pinch of salt

2 beaten eggs

Day old bread, croissants, brioche whatever bread you have

Put all ingredients besides eggs in a pot and warm on medium high until butter is melted and it is simmering lightly. Wisk.

Turn burner off and set aside to cool.

Turn oven on and set it to 350.

Meanwhile, as the liquid cools, cut your bread of choice into cubes.

Place in a greased bread pan. Butter or cooking spray, your preference.

Once the liquid is cooled to room temperature, wisk in your eggs.

Pour liquid all over bread.

Bake for 30-45min. You want some of the edges to look crispy. You can use a knife to make sure it isn’t wet in the middle.

The bread pudding will be very fluffy and moist.

We love ours with a Carmel drizzle!

I’ve had many different types with raisins or orange with cranberries.. even some with a whiskey sauce. This basic recipe will get you started! Get creative 😉



Ham and Beans recipe

It’s cold here today. Lots of ice that is turning to wet slush. It’s the perfect day for something to warm your bones! This can do it!

I love soups because they can be super fast and easy to make!


Ham (I used just a slice ham hock .. you certainly can start w a hambone but this is a fast and simple recipe!)



Cooked Pinto beans (I used what I had canned, northern beans are fine too)

Chicken broth

Combine in a cast iron pot.. I didn’t add any seasoning because my pinto beans are already salted. Bring to a simmer /steady boil until carrots are cooked.

Garnish with fresh parsley or cilantro (I prefer cilantro! I used what I had growing on the window sill)

Goes great w jiffy cornbread!

Apple Vinaigrette Recipe

Tonight I made a delicious salad! I always keep dried fruit and nuts on hand so I can quickly whip up a delicious salad. I usually have romaine and this week had delicious green crisp apples.

What I love about salads is that you can come up with lots of combinations for toppings. I am a salad lover. Sometimes I want something light like this one. I have apples, sunflower seeds, cranberries and feta.

I also like heavier salads with meat, tortilla strips or croutons.

Another thing I love doing is making my own dressing. I have posted a ranch recipe that is a total hit! I thought I would post my favorite, apple vinaigrette. I actually prefer oil based dressing.

The apple vinaigrette is so good because you can enjoy it most of the year (or all of the year like I do!) and it is so easy to make!!

Here is the simple and easy recipe.

1/4c Oil (olive oil preferred but in a pinch you could use vegetable)

1/4c apple cider (or apple juice)

1/4c apple cider vinegar

2tbsp honey

2tsp Dijon mustard

Parsley to taste

Pinch of salt

Pinch of pepper

You can change the juice, and add whatever herbs and spices you like to change it up! It’s fool proof!

I put this in a mason jar and shook it. It stores well in the fridge but I never have any leftover.

Hope you enjoy!

Xo, Missy

Natural Lip Balm Recipe

I finally completed a project today that I have been putting off! I made homemade all natural lip balm! I sure did need it, my lips have been dry with last week’s cold weather!

If you want to make some yourself, they are so easily made.

You only need 3 ingredients. Bees wax pellets, unrefined coconut oil and essential oils.

Melt down the coconut oil and beeswax, add drops of your favorite essential oils. I used sweet orange, lemon, bergamot, vanilla and spearmint.

(I melted down 1tbsp of coconut oil and 1tbsp of bees wax at a time. I then added the essential oil)

Pour melt into a container of your choice.

I used washi tape to decorate them, but it’s not needed. Enjoy!!



DIY Cheap Curtains

I have needed curtains on my first floor for almost two years now. We have sheer curtains, but they really didn’t give us privacy. My old house has a million windows. They are almost floor to ceiling. It is very hard (and expensive!) to find curtains.

Tonight I went to Walmart and bought 6×9 painters drop cloth ($9.95 each x4) black curtain clips ($5 each x4), and cheap black rods ($4.50 each x2)

This project took 10 minutes to do!

They turned out perfect!

This spring I plan on bleaching them a crisp white. These are very durable and easily washed too!

Hope this inspires you!

Xo, Missy

Soy Candles

Making candles is so easy!

I made some this fall using soy pellets. I buy them on amazon, here is a link!


Here is a link for the wicks!


I love using P&J fragrance oils. They make lots of different scents. Since I made them for fall I bought a kit that included: pumpkin pie, harvest spice, cinnamon, gingerbread, coffee cake and apple cider

I just ordered more soy wax and hope to make some spring floral candle scents next. I found the cute glass blown pumpkin jars at Dollar tree. Once I bought them, I never saw them again. They are really cute.

The process is so quick and simple. You can use a double boiler or microwave the oil. I used glass jars in hot water. I’ve seen people use crockpots to help do this.

Once melted, pour into a container, then place your wick. I had no issues w the wick staying in place. If you have a hot glue gun, you can hot glue them in place if you prefer. Before pouring, drip oils into wax to your liking.

This is a very natural way of enjoying candles without so many harsh chemicals!