Cozy and grateful

The title is how I have felt this week. For the first time in months, we have had a pretty calm week without lots of plans. It has felt so good being close to home and catching up on things here.

We have been doing a lot of reading and homeschool. In the afternoons we are relaxing and playing in the pool.

The weather has been extremely hot, so I am very grateful I have a pool!

I still have not weeded. It is extremely hot, unless we are in the pool, we are inside.

Tonight I made spaghetti. I used sauce I canned last year. I also had homegrown green peppers, onions, basil, parsley and fresh zucchini. On the side, we had garlic bread and roasted broccoli with melted mozzarella on it.

Earlier we read Little House on The Prairie. It always makes me laugh because I can hardly get through a few paragraphs without the kids interrupting me and wanting to talk about Laura. They love her so much! They play House and pretend to be Laura and Mary, they always reference her too.

They are sponges! They are listening and really absorbing the material. I thought it was really cute because Ava reminded me today about how Laura’s daughter, Rose, built her parents a house to live in but they didn’t like it.

This is true! Rose made a lot of money as an author and wanted her parents to retire nicely. She bought land half a mile away from their farm house and ordered a Sears house they built. It is the “Rock House” as many people call it. It had modern amenities like a bathroom and shower. After living there 6 years they decided to go back to their farm house ion Rocky Ridge! They wanted to live more simple.

Thanks to YouTube, I have been able to show the kids all of Laura’s homes. They also love watching the series too.

Another little thing Ava remembered was Laura and Mary eating the pigs tail and thinking it was a delicacy. We giggled at that!

Most of the week has been spent relaxing. I have been catching up on laundry somewhere in between, and trying to deep clean room by room. I have been so unmotivated! My room is half done. There are dishes in my sink as well, so hopefully I can get caught up by tomorrow!

I did manage to catch up on laundry and had 3 loads on the line today!

It has felt really nice staying close to home and making this week slower paced. This weekend I am thinking about taking the kids to the drive in! They always have a lot of fun going!

I made this salad for lunch today and it was so delicious! I think we have only one pound of strawberries left!

As far as garden updates go, today I pulled some more onions, got some cherry tomatoes and more beans. My purple beans are just about done, which will be nice to clear that area and think of something else to put in its place.

We shelled some beans and are keeping some seeds for next year!

The girls had so much fun doing this!

I am going to try and blog more. I would love to blog about what we are doing daily, but sometimes it just slips my mind.

I hope you are staying cool!



Summer Harvest

I have been feeling alittle gloomy when it comes to my garden. A very bad storm last week knocked so much of my corn on the ground. There will be a huge loss from it. My promising corn is now a fraction what I planned for, but this is gardening life!

I feel like I am always working when it’s nice to weed. Many rainy days have made it hard to get into the garden, on top of that I have crazy schedules running my kids to activities. The next two weeks I am hoping to really spend a lot of time in the garden. Especially today. A heat wave is starting tomorrow and lasting throughout the weekend.

I have harvested my first peppers! They were a wonderful surprise yesterday.

I have lots of green tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes too! I have been really busy picking beans. I have blanched and bagged about 6 quarts total.

Onions have been about ready for harvesting too!!

Swiss chard

Sugar beets

Cabbage – there have been so many Beatles! They have been extremely frustrating this year. Last year I didn’t even see one!

I am hoping to clear out my mud room. It has somehow turned into a junk room. I am going to store my gardening tools, get some shelves and use it to prep seeds. Most of all, I want to put a deep freezer in it!! We desperately need one!

Hope you all are staying cool…

Today it will only be in the 80s… before the terrible heat comes tomorrow!



Jam day

I was late on the jam this year. I never found strawberries that were a good price. My parents found strawberries for 99 cents a lb at the store. I had them buy me 20 lbs! They are normally close to $4 per lb.

This week we are eating strawberries like crazy. I still have 5 pounds after making 18 jars of jam. I am thinking we need a strawberry pie.. shortcake and other strawberry desserts! Maybe even strawberry muffins to freeze?

I checked on them this morning. Everything sealed well. They do look alittle liquid-y to me. I’m hoping they set better in the next few days. This is the first thing I have canned this summer! Even if they are more on the liquid side, we will use it for strawberry lemonade, on top of icecream, with milk, in cakes, and whatever else I can think of! Nothing is wasted.

I will keep you posted on how well they end up setting.



Branson/Mansfield Trip!

We just got home from such a wonderful 4 day trip to Branson! We stayed at our favorite place, Big Cedar !

The weather was amazing most of the time, but one day it did rain! We of course made the most of it!

On the way home we stopped at the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum.

It was wonderful. It had changed some since I visited the last time. They added a new building that is so much bigger than the last building that housed the artifact museum.

Afterward, we visited Baker Creek! They have a pioneer village! It’s the best place to get seeds for your garden. They sell rare seeds from all over the world. They have a living pioneer town that is so much fun to visit!!

My dream is to own land and have a small farm and garden. I want to have a b&b and host people! This was so nice to see again.

My Littles have never gone to these places. If you are ever in the area, it is a must!