Winter food prep!

Winter food prep has started!! I am hoping to purchase a freezer soon!

Today I found a great local meat sale so I stocked up on ground beef and sausage. I made about 60 meatballs. Tonight we are having meatloaf and I still have two pounds of ground beef to prepare and freeze.

I really enjoy prepping for winter. It feels so nice to fill my pantry with food, prep toilet paper, laundry stuff and to make homemade soaps to put up for the year.

I am going to start canning this week.

In the fall after canning season is over, I want to make homemade pasta to store! I have been wanting to do this for such a long time.

Right now I am focused in the garden!

I’m really trying to get everything caught up. I need to take down some of my bean bushes and start planting some carrots.

Cabbage will be ready soon! I’m excited for some yummy sauerkraut! Cabbage rolls sound so good too! I haven’t made them in a long time!

A lot of my beans and corn will be frozen this year. I prefer some vegetables frozen, and those to me just taste better frozen fresh.

School starts soon. I am going to try to squeeze in some more fun with the kids in the next two weeks. We might go camping! It will be nice to have some family time! This summer has been so busy!

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