Rolling’ up our sleeves!

Today is another slow paced day so far. We all slept in (until 8am!) and spent the morning pretty lazy.

Mid afternoon, I went in to the kitchen to tackle the dishes. Our dishwasher is broke (something I can probably fix, but haven’t) and I have been avoiding the dishes in the sink. I got started on them and actually found the work to be very relaxing.

It really reminds me that there are so many things in life we don’t want to do; but we should just make the best of it and change your perspective and enjoy the hard work that comes with it. Washing all of the dishes didn’t take me long. It was much faster than waiting for the dishwasher.

After I tackled most of the dishes, it was time to learn! For awhile now I have been wanting to make butter with the Little girls. Now that we are reading the Little House books, it really seems appropriate. Emma and I did this when she was young and it was really fun!

The butter tasted great! The kids each had a piece of bread with the new butter spread thickly over it. Cora really enjoyed making the butter and eating it. We have buttermilk left over, so hopefully I can make some biscuits if I ever get around to it.

For lunch we had the left over spaghetti and broccoli, then went out to swim!

I recently ordered a new skimmer bag for the pool and it was so helpful! Cleaning the pool takes a lot of work, but I do it daily. I am so glad the pool hasn’t given me and trouble this year. All the levels are always good and since I get in and skim at least an hour or so a day, it’s pretty clear!

This has been one of the best purchases aside from our popcorn maker for this year! Especially since I only bought it for $40! Such a steal.

Now that we are inside and relaxing, I plan on finishing everything I started yesterday. I’m hoping to get my kitchen cleaned and mopped, my fridge cleaned out, some laundry put away and to finish my room.

I have no idea what we will have for dinner tonight. Cora wants me to make Chinese, but I am perfectly fine with continuing the leftovers. If everything goes well, we may need some icecream for all of our cleaning and organizing efforts today.

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