Summer Harvest

I have been feeling alittle gloomy when it comes to my garden. A very bad storm last week knocked so much of my corn on the ground. There will be a huge loss from it. My promising corn is now a fraction what I planned for, but this is gardening life!

I feel like I am always working when it’s nice to weed. Many rainy days have made it hard to get into the garden, on top of that I have crazy schedules running my kids to activities. The next two weeks I am hoping to really spend a lot of time in the garden. Especially today. A heat wave is starting tomorrow and lasting throughout the weekend.

I have harvested my first peppers! They were a wonderful surprise yesterday.

I have lots of green tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes too! I have been really busy picking beans. I have blanched and bagged about 6 quarts total.

Onions have been about ready for harvesting too!!

Swiss chard

Sugar beets

Cabbage – there have been so many Beatles! They have been extremely frustrating this year. Last year I didn’t even see one!

I am hoping to clear out my mud room. It has somehow turned into a junk room. I am going to store my gardening tools, get some shelves and use it to prep seeds. Most of all, I want to put a deep freezer in it!! We desperately need one!

Hope you all are staying cool…

Today it will only be in the 80s… before the terrible heat comes tomorrow!



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