Great start for the week!

This morning me and Cora harvested Swiss chard, more lettuce and our first tomato!!

We are supposed to be getting more rain this week. It will help me catch up on homemade soap, bread and some organizing inside.

We did get a few fun pool days last week. I have never seen so much rain here in Missouri! Thankfully my garden is still doing very well!!

I will post next about stockpiling and keeping an inventory of food. We have a freezer full, so our goal the next few weeks is to only eat out of our freezer.

Hopefully by the end of the summer I will have a large freezer. I need one for our vegetables we will harvest. I am not canning corn this year. I prefer frozen. I also want to do a lot of meal prepping and have pre made freezer meals for dinner and breakfasts.

Today I thought about making cinnamon rolls and freezing a second batch, but I have no room!

It would be nice to have loaves of bread, dinner rolls and desserts prepped and ready. I used to have baking days and would make muffins, breads, cakes etc and would freeze them to enjoy all month!

Frozen cakes are awesome! I don’t put icing on them. I just wrap the cake and freeze. When I’m ready for it I let it thaw on the counter and it’s perfectly moist every time!

Stay tuned for more of these types of posts!



One thought on “Great start for the week!

  1. Sandy Morgan says:

    Love Love love reading your blog and reading about the kids and updates on the garden!!!

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