All natural cleaning products

I am really trying to make a conscience decision to pay attention to what type of chemicals I bring into my home. That being said, I decided to make a post about some eco friendly, low chemical products.

I bought some glass spray bottles from amazon, and I make a cleaner using vinegar, essential oil and water. It smells AMAZING!

I have a lot of woodwork in my house, so wiping things down with this solution does a great job. It works for windows, wood, counters, pretty much any surface.

We also use our essential oils in our diffusers and have stopped buying fragrance sprays that contain harsh chemicals.

These laundry balls are another purchase I have recently made. They are good for over 1500 washes! They are silicone and inside contain natural ceramic beads. The minerals in these clean your clothes! They are hypo allergenic and great for people with sensitive skin.

To scent your laundry and keep it soft, the vinegar and essential oils are also great to use in your laundry!

If I am not hanging on the clothes line, I am using dryer balls with drops of essential oils on them!

This is also a great alternative to dryer sheets. I still have a stockpile full of laundry products, and once they are completely gone I will not be buying anymore of it.

I am still on the hunt for a good less chemical liquid detergent. I will update when I find one!

I have also recently bought crystal mineral deodorant. It’s made of 100% mineral salts which means it’s hypo allergenic, chemical free, non sticky, non staining, NOT cancer causing !

I have had great success with this. I have tried Schmidt’s before and it has left my under arms very chapped. This does not have a scent; but you could add some essential oils if you wanted. It does the job! It keeps me feeling fresh.

Another product I have recently tried is a menstrual cup. I haven’t had the success most people seem to have. I would be willing to try this again, but have found organic tampons that have no chemicals, and no scent.

If you like posts like this, leave me a comment and I can let you know of other products worth trying!

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