Simple Strawberry shortcake

There is nothing like strawberry shortcake in the summer! When I eat strawberry shortcake, I love substituting the angel food cake with butter cake. Regular or lemon is great! I do like angel food; I just like pound cake better.

Most of the time, I purchase the cake. It makes it so much easier to whip together. One thing I refuse to purchase is the strawberries w the gel. Yuck! This always tastes weird to me and leaves my tongue feeling numb.

Here is my simple tried and true way to make the best strawberry shortcake ! This is how I grew up eating it!

Strawberry shortcake 🍰 🍓



Pound cake (butter, lemon even strawberry)

Homemade whipped cream (or from the can)

Cut strawberries. Sprinkle sugar until coated in a large bowl. Stir well! I do this a few times. Let it sweat and sit for an hour minimum. The sugar reacts with the strawberries and breaks them down so they are soft. It will make a simple syrup that can also be poured on top of the cake.

Of course the more whipped cream the better!!

This simple strawberry syrup recipe is also great to add to lemonade, sprite, punch, ice cream and other desserts.

Stop buying store bought “gel” that is jam packed with preservatives!


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