Missy’s perfect fried chicken

I made delicious fried chicken tonight. I have searched so many perfect crispy chicken recipes online. I have finally perfected this and want to share my secret ingredient with you! CLUB SODA!

Here is how I make it:

First salt your chicken this is a must!

3 bowls!

1. Flour

2. Liquid … mix – 4 eggs, 1c flour, 8oz club soda

3. Seasoning mixture -your favorite ingredients (I use a million) w flour

Dip in bowl 1, 2, then three. When you get to three, pack the flour on the chicken. Cup with your hands very well.

Fry in oil. I made the mistake in doing it medium high. Everywhere said to, but it was way too hot. Turn it down a few notches from there.

15 min for drumsticks, 20 for thighs

I always put mine on a cooking sheet in the oven to make sure it’s cooked thoroughly

My kids went crazy for these. I also cooked potatoes to go with it!

I had left over lemons from dinner last night, so I made homemade sparkling strawberry lemonade with it. I used my homemade strawberry syrup & left over club soda. I always make sure to use every ingredient I buy so nothing goes to waste.

I hope this inspires you to cook!!


Xo, Missy

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