Bread Pudding Recipe

At the grocery store I saw two containers of croissants on clearance. I immediately got excited because stale bread is perfect for bread pudding! Croissants are my favorite to use!

Here is a simple recipe!

Bread Pudding


2c milk

3tbsp butter

2tsp vanilla extract

1/3c sugar

Pinch of salt

2 beaten eggs

Day old bread, croissants, brioche whatever bread you have

Put all ingredients besides eggs in a pot and warm on medium high until butter is melted and it is simmering lightly. Wisk.

Turn burner off and set aside to cool.

Turn oven on and set it to 350.

Meanwhile, as the liquid cools, cut your bread of choice into cubes.

Place in a greased bread pan. Butter or cooking spray, your preference.

Once the liquid is cooled to room temperature, wisk in your eggs.

Pour liquid all over bread.

Bake for 30-45min. You want some of the edges to look crispy. You can use a knife to make sure it isn’t wet in the middle.

The bread pudding will be very fluffy and moist.

We love ours with a Carmel drizzle!

I’ve had many different types with raisins or orange with cranberries.. even some with a whiskey sauce. This basic recipe will get you started! Get creative 😉



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