Winter Wonderland

We have been hit with a lot of snow! I think planning my garden and working indoors on seeds has got me out of my winter funk! I love getting “stuck” and roughing it out. I dream of blizzards where we are all cooped up at home with no where to go.

Saturday, my work was closed. I normally work on Saturday’s so it was really strange to be home. I woke up my kids and sent them outside!

Jackson stayed inside and watched. He had so much fun watching the girls and thought it was hilarious when they threw snowballs at the window!

Even big sister came out and helped make a snowman!

While they were finishing up their snowman, Jack and I made some hot chocolate to warm our girls up!

Winter months are great for movie nights and special dinners. We also enjoy playing cards and board games!

We had chili dogs and onion rings one night and made rootbeer floats. It’s so easy to make a fun night for your family without spending a lot of money!

Before Christmas, I bought lots of movies at Walmart on clearance. We’ve been watching a lot of them on these chilly nights!

In the summer months, we love to explore. During the winter months I try to make our home as comfy as possible. We have a drink station for hot drinks, lots of popcorn, games and art projects we like doing.

We have taken all of our Christmas decor down, and left the snowmen and winter themed decor. We will enjoy it a few more weeks then take out our Valentine’s Day decor!

I know there have been a few of my friends who have started a “no spend” January. I think this is a great idea. It’s sort of a financial “reset” to do after the holidays.

January is always a challenging month for me when it comes to doing hair. Most people have had their hair done before the holidays. I am thankful I am almost fully booked for the month regardless of this. One thing you have to plan for is for the unexpected. I lost two days of work due to the weather. So many cancellations and no shows.

I always plan for this.

This is why it is extremely important to have a savings and a stockpile at home. To lessen the blow, I have been not eating out as often and have been eating from my freezer and pantry. I enjoy planning meals and challenging myself not to go to the grocery store.

Last month I stocked up on diapers and wipes knowing this. I could do cloth if I really wanted to save more money though. I am disappointed in myself with not cloth diapering Jack much. I have cloth diapers, but being a single mom I have fallen back to “what’s convenient”.

My pantry and freezer are very organized. I have enough food on hand to last us months if something serious were to happen. I really find comfort in this. I have always been a prepper. If we run out of something I have back up. The only thing I feel like I can’t keep up on is toilet paper! It’s impossible with so many kids! I always buy angel soft’s scented lavender toilet paper. It’s the best! Thankfully the store is down the street.

I could probably use some more of that and laundry soap. I had the largest supply of laundry soap ever! I haven’t had to buy it in months. I have almost depleted my laundry stockpile, so I need to build that back up. I do this by using coupons and getting great deals. I mainly use Gain and Tide products. I am looking into more healthier alternatives but it really is hard to pass up almost free great detergents.

Of course my summer garden that is now canned helps keep us through winter. We enjoy it so much! We have sweet potatoes still in the bottom of our cupboards and they are keeping well. We have a couple of spaghetti squash I got on sale too that have also been stored.

Tomorrow I will be canning pinto beans! I love canned pinto beans and will be making some ham and beans with cornbread for a dinner. I’m hoping the amount I can will last us until the beginning of fall.

I might make a more detailed post about what to stockpile and a more in depth look into our pantry. Let me know in the comments if it is something you are interested in!



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