‘Chops ‘N ‘Kraut Recipe

This is such a fast and easy dinner! I’ve made this for people on many occasions and if you like sauerkraut, you’ll love it!

First, season pork chops with garlic, salt and pepper (or however you like them)

Then cook both sides in a frying pan

Place in a deep pan, cover with sauerkraut

Cover with foil, then place in a preheated 350 degree oven for 30 minutes.

While that is cooking, start working on your mashed potatoes!

I never use instant.

I have a few tricks to making the best mashed potatoes. I add cream cheese, milk and MAYONNAISE to them. Plus salt and pepper. Do everything to taste. The mayonnaise might sound like a weird ingredient, but it helps fluff them up and gives them a great flavor! If you are watching calories, steer clear of these. If you can splurge some, trust me. Every calorie is worth it!

To plate, I put the mashed potatoes on the bottom. The pork chops are tender from soaking in the sauerkraut. Sometimes they fall apart. I add those on top (or you can put sauerkraut, then pork) whatever way you like, as my Papa Jack would say, “It all ends up in the same place anyway”




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