Easy & fast soap !

Many of you have asked me about my soap. I am currently using soap bases. They melt down and you pour them into molds.

Here are some links of items I use to make mine! I currently have almost 30 bars!

I just made more. Lavender and lavender rose.



Here’s what you need to get started!!

(These are all mostly 2 day free shipping (prime members) I have bought from all of these companies and have had great experiences. These are also the CHEAPEST prices on these products. I’ve done the research for you!)

First, you need a soap base.


This one will give you about 20 bars of soap.

I use these molds


I melt down the soap in my microwave (you can use a double boiler) and then I scent the soap with essential oils. Here are my favorites


I also like to use loose petals


I put the petals in the mold first. Next, I melt down the base in a glass jar. I add 10 drops of fragrance (minimum) per bar. Once you stir, see if the smell is fragrant enough. Then you can pour into your mold. After the soap is inside the mold, you can spray rubbing alcohol to the tops to get out any air bubbles. I let them sit for a minimum 30 minutes and once they are completely cooled, I pop them out and enjoy them!

These do not need any proofing. This is a fun easy activity for adults and kids to do together! If I started from scratch I would have to worry about lye (dangerous) and months of proofing.

No need with this! Enjoy!



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