Old fashioned Christmas

My family embraces every holiday and every season. We live it all up until we can hardly stand it any longer.

This week we have drove around neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights and tonight we drove 30 minutes to Christmas in The Park!

Before leaving, I filled my vintage thermos with hot chocolate for the trip. We ate dinner in the car and enjoyed cookies while looking at all the lights. We made sure to listen to Christmas music too!

The last drive in we went to we did the same thing. We cozied together and drank got chocolate from our thermos, enjoyed homemade treats and ate popcorn.

The kids had such a wonderful time.

I am all about making memories with my children. I hope someday they look back on their childhood and think, “My mom did everything with me and took me everywhere”

Spending quality time with my family is where I always like to be. I have a million kids it feels like! Something I have always dreamed of. I love packing for all of them, shopping for each of them for Christmas and just enjoy being with them.

One of my favorite things is enjoying all over again things I liked as a kid.

I always feel sad when I hear people say how stressful Christmas is for them. It really doesn’t have to be. Everything we have done leading up to Christmas this year has been very inexpensive or free.

Months ago I found canvas at Dollar Tree. My kids love to paint so we did some Christmas painting yesterday!

We’ve also watched so many Christmas movies: Santa Clause, Home Alone, Rudolf, Frosty and many others!

This week we will be seeing Santa (also free) and Cookie decorating.

If you are feeling discouraged this year, this is your reminder about what Christmas is. Christmas is about Jesus.. and family. Let go of the stress. Stop running in the rat race. Christmas is so much more than presents. As I always say, I enjoy others PRESENCE… over their PRESENTS.

6 more days.

Xo, Missy

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