Homemade Soaps, Scrubs and Bathbombs

Alittle over a year ago I started making homemade soaps, scrubs and bathbombs. I really enjoy making these things because you just can’t buy them as good as homemade.

Tonight I used goats milk soap and used my favorite scents: gardenia, lilac and rose.

I also bought dried flowers: lilies, chamomile, rose hip and jasmine

They really worked great together!

I had some left over glycerine soap from a previous batch, so I made a few more pretty see-through bars

My first batch last year turned out great. My scents were more natural. Oatmeal honey, cinnamon oatmeal, lavender, lavendar mint, lemon basil, fresh ground coffee, vanilla cinnamon roll, citrus lemon, etc.

I always prefer exfoliates in my soaps. I never make a soap without it. It really buffs dead skin off your body and leaves your body feeling silky and smooth.

I also made lavender bathbombs that turned out great as well!

I enjoy making body scrubs too! I made pear apple last year, and I have also made cinnamon roll scrub, Chocolate coffee scrub, and a sugar cookie scrub in the past. All of them smell so good you want to eat them!

I will be making some lip balms and tub teas after the holidays are over. I hope you enjoyed this post. Making these things together with your kids can be a lot of fun! Emma and I worked on the soaps together this evening after the Littles went to bed. It was nice spending one on one time with my oldest! We talked and listened to Christmas music.

Next time I’ll have the Littles help. It was just getting too late for them tonight!

Thanks for reading. Xo.


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