Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming! The greatest present for me is seeing happiness across the faces of my children on Christmas morning!

The day after Thanksgiving, I rolled out of bed very early and picked out a tree! It’s such a beautiful tree.

I decided this tree would have a homemade garland. I popped popcorn and we all got cozy with Christmas movies, and I strung popcorn and cranberries!

It made such a beautiful simple garland. I am so happy with it.

We also put up a second tree. We call it the Mindy tree. When we lived in Indiana, I had mentioned needing to get a tree. My best friend offered her extra tree. I put it up, we enjoyed it during our first Christmas in Indiana. I tried to give it back and we either left it in my trunk, or she didn’t get it, so we ended up enjoying it again the next year. Before I moved, I was adamant on her getting the tree back. Again, she forgot it a few times and I also kept forgetting it. It was in my trunk before the move and I transferred it to my then mother in laws garage so she could get it.

Josh was finishing up at his work and came shortly after. He ended up accidentally putting it in our uhaul, so it ended up in Missouri!

At this point, we both agree it’s mine now.

We still put this tree up even if we have a real one. It’s special because it reminds us of a dear friend up north.

Speaking of dear friends, it’s a great time of the year to sit and enjoy lunch and a hot drink with a friend! I enjoyed some delicious soup and a warm yummy mocha the other day with my great friend, Dana. She always spoils me with yummy food, amazing drinks.. even more amazing cocktails … and just being around her makes my week. I love how important faith is to her. She radiates that energy onto others. Every year, she decorates her entire house with Christmas decor. She does such a wonderful job, I look forward to it each year. Christmas is HER holiday.

I am very lucky to have all of the friends I do.

The spirit of Christmas is all around.. even the little town I live in is alive with the Christmas spirit

We even got some snow! The kids were out of school all week!

During our break I took the kids to Sea Life at Crown Center. We also went to Kaleidoscope! For those who aren’t from Kansas City, Kaleidoscope is owned by Hallmark. It is a free arts and crafts place for kids! All their extra paper, bows, cards etc is taken there and kids can decorate and make whatever they want out of it!

We also had to stop and enjoy some of our favorite ice cream while at Halls

We only have a week and a half before Christmas. The Littles are having their Christmas parties next week. This weekend I am getting all of their stocking supplies for their classrooms. Emma also has a few friends she’d like to do something for.

  • We still have Christmas activities to do before Christmas!!
    • Christmas cookie decorating
      Christmas lights drive
      Christmas in the park
      More Christmas movie nights!
      Christmas painting party

    I also need to plan out Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner food. Christmas Eve is usually appetizer night. Christmas Day we are usually open to trying something new and making it less traditional. Emma really wants to do a ham this Christmas. What do you usually have? Let me know in the comments!

    This year really has moved pretty fast. It feels like the fastest year for me yet. I’m ready for the New Year!



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