Cabin fever

Yesterday was 50 degrees. All of the white snow has melted and the ground now is muddy. The sun is nowhere to be seen, everything is murky and grey.

I thought for sure this time of the year would make me feel cozy, instead I feel quite empty. I miss the days of the sun’s warmth. I miss turning my hose on and feeling the cool water at my feet. I miss the birds chirping as I weeded and enjoyed my garden. I miss days sitting on my porch, and having the Little girls help water our herbs and flowers. I miss the glass picture sitting patiently in the warmth of the sun while turning into sweet sun tea.

There’s nothing like slipping into sandals, and feeling them clap against my heels while I run down the steps of my porch. Constantly being on the run. Exploring nature, walking around and going to neat places. Feeling the sun so hot on your shoulders and shivering as you wade into a cool pool.

I miss playing in the park and laying down on a blanket and eating lunch outside with my children. Homemade lunches with fresh produce. I miss hurrying to get home so I could put another load of clothes on the clothesline. Ah, the clothesline. Nothing smells fresher than clothes and sheets that have been swaying outside on a summers day.

Oh, the simple things in life ..

I knew I would enjoy my fresh tomatoes and peaches this winter. Opening can after can and watching my stockpile dwindle means eventually it will be ready to refill. The tastes of better days really make me long for them.

I am really trying to keep myself busy and to use this time to plan my garden, buy new seeds, come up with better ways. I also have been trying to start some indoor projects.

I have started my Kombucha again. It is doing very well. I will be bottling in a few days. I will probably do some berry blends and some ginger ones with my first batch.

I have bought more succulents to enjoy.

The one I got last year is still doing very well!!

Succulents are such beautiful plants. I’m hoping to add to my inside collection. I want to get some aloe, a snake plant and a few others. This year I plan on adding more flowers to my yard. I have some ideas of flowers that will be beneficial to my bees and also edible ones I can turn into teas. I also want to make homemade salves and learn how to preserve my harvests better. This past year I enjoyed everything fresh. Next year I will be drying spices, teas etc. to enjoy later.

I am hoping to start herbs in my large window that is in my dining room after Christmas.

In the beginning of November I walked through my garden one last time before snow began to fall and found lots of produce still! I have hung those peppers and plan on hanging so many more this season (they look beautiful hung on a string to dry!)

With that last harvest, came green tomatoes. I will never forget that we enjoyed hot fried green tomatoes in November.

I believe it was the very next day we got our first snow.

Not long after I tiptoed to Florida and spent a long weekend with my best friend. I made a blog post about our time, if you missed it, it’s a great read!

When I got home, I quickly got everything ready for Thanksgiving.

I hosted thanksgiving on Friday for my children and their dad. We had a lovely time. I never thought we would be in a place that we could sit down and enjoy Thanksgiving together but we have been working hard rebuilding and coparenting for them. The day couldn’t have been better to be honest.

I made turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, corn from summer, peaches from summer, deviled eggs, apple crisp, pumpkin pie, and chocolate chip pumpkin cookies!

We washed it all down with homemade lemonade that I later added my homemade strawberry syrup to.

I am very thankful to have had such an enjoyable holiday.

I am very sorry I haven’t been posting as much as I had planned. Soon after Thanksgiving sickness crept in. I am glad I have caught you all up to December.

In my next post, I will discuss getting ready for Christmas and new projects I have coming up that will hopefully get me more focused and keep my cabin fever down. (Possibly tonight!)

I will be making easy soap in the next few days and will be adding to my extracts too! Maybe pushing more content will help satisfy me during these long winter months. Hope you are staying cozy and this post leaves you feeling warm inside.



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