This Thanksgiving season has really made me feel so thankful! Yes, I know, such a cliche thing to say but I really mean it!

November has been a great month for me.

I was blessed to meet up with my longest best friend since childhood (it sounds insulting to call her my friend, she truly is my sister) in Florida!

I have never gone on vacation without my kids! EVER! As much as I missed them, I enjoyed every single moment. After finalizing my divorce, I really wanted to do something for myself, and this was perfect.

We had beautiful weather the entire weekend. I spent my time in beautiful Venice Beach. The first stop was a late lunch at Daiquiri Deck.

We had drinks, grouper, gator, calamari, hummus and chicken tacos. It was delicious, but having girl time was even better.

We then went back to the house to relax … this place was an Oasis!

Day one wrapped up with delicious gelato from Ciao Gelato

One of the greatest things about Venice is the food! Everywhere you go is authentic. Italian, French, Mediterranean.. they have it all! Mom and pop type places that are SUPERB.

The next morning we took our bikes and went to a farmers market downtown Venice. They had organic produce, cheese and lots of cool little booths. We bought dill cheese curds, jalapeño cheese bread, lots of different olives and pickles.

We biked downtown and went to the most amazing French pastry shop. We bought lots of sweets and even a real French latte to go. The shop is so cute and everyone there speaks french. The staff were upbeat and the shop was packed. They do serve what looked like a brunch type feel, but we bagged everything up and biked back home!

We set up a little lunch my favorite style, like a little buffet we could all pick from. Everything was so fresh and delicious…

Afterward, we laid by the pool and cracked open champagne! It was pretty fabulous.

That evening we went to Bodrum restaurant.. a Mediterranean place that again, was authentic and amazing.

The next morning we went to the beach. It was so beautiful … there is nothing like the ocean. It is so refreshing, loud yet calm at the same time.

We went exploring for a bit and ended up at a cool diner down town Venice. I got a shake and a philly for lunch… when on vacation, right?

We spent the evening playing dice and laughing and just enjoying eachother. Our trip was over, it was hard for me to say goodbye.

Friendships like these aren’t easily found. Again with that friend word. She’s my family. Mindy and her parents mean the world to me. I don’t say that lightly. I can’t even explain to you how great this family has been to me in my life. They have included me, always made me feel loved, have been there for me through everything I have ever gone through. This family is special and it starts with her parents. They are the example of what you want in a marriage. They are a family who consistently puts God first above everything and they don’t just talk the talk, but they walk the walk. They are pretty high up there when it comes to the greatest, selfless people I’ve ever met.

This family has cheered me on, celebrated my happiness, and even carried me through the hardest times of my life. They have loved me unconditionally.

Mindy, you have been the greatest sister to me. You have not only showed up, but you are constantly showing up. You’ve been to births, birthdays.. even though you are states away you are always there. We have gone through every high and low in life together. No one knows me better. Sure, we have our arguments! I’m laughing and not crying now– we fight like family but we love like family and there is nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for you. Thank you for being the greatest friend I have ever had.

And thank you for watching asmr videos with me. No one gets me like you do.

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