Raising Little Boys

After having three girls, when the nurse called to tell me my blood work was back and the gender of #4, I was sure it was another girl.

Everyone was home that day, so I thought I would slip away for a few minutes and come up with a thoughtful way to announce it.

The nurse called, I walked into my bedroom and stood next to my bed. “It’s a healthy boy!” She said. I paused. It felt like minutes. “Oh. Ok.” Was my response. She giggled and asked if I was excited.

“I have three girls” I told her.

She laughed and said, “Oh my! It’s time for a boy then!”

Boy was she right !

I walked into the living room and all of my plans of surprising everyone went out the door. I looked at everyone who didn’t even realize I had slipped away and said “it’s a boy”

I was still in complete shock. There wasn’t any disappointment in the news for me. Something within me grew very deep.

I wanted to be the greatest boy Mom. I wanted to know what super hero’s were who and what types of things I should research. I am an avid researcher. If I don’t know about something, ask me again the second time and I’ll know all about it.

I instantly knew having a son was special. Raising a son would be a huge responsibility.

I am raising my son to be a gentleman. I am also raising my son to be a god fearing leader. It is very important to teach your son to be strong in faith and values.

I am very old school. I believe real men have to be leaders. They have to be the strength and the backbone when it comes to the family they create.

Society as a whole, depends on it. Men shape society. Before women jump up and disagree, please hear me out.

If more men respected women, were leaders, put God first- society would thrive.

There would be less single mothers, less abortions and less welfare.

It all starts with the little boy. I will always push my son to be the greater man. He will be raised with responsibilities, chores, and manners. In parenting all of my kids, I raise them to eventually leave me.

I want the son I raise to go off into the world and be productive. I want him to find wife who he cherishes. I want him to be loyal and create a family and instill these same things within his children.

I know many men who have these characteristics. I also know way too many men who don’t. Society today is all about equality.

As women, we are raised to be strong. There is a lot of pressure on us to be the perfect wife and mother. Don’t forget your career in there too, because if you don’t have a career and are just a “lazy stay at home mom” (I’m rolling my eyes) and you failed. If you are a woman reading this and have the career, I can almost guarantee the expectation of being the stay at home Suzie Homemaker who also works is still there.

It’s because women are naturally Mothers. We always will be. In being this, we are the caretakers.

the expectations of women in my opinion (take it or leave it) weigh heavy. I often wonder if they are this way because there are so many men who don’t step up to the plate. I am not a man hater. I know so many wonderful men. I also know women who don’t uphold their responsibilities either. Overall, I think the expectations of men today are down. Mothers, hold your sons accountable! We need less Peter Pans of the world and more strong leaders!

If you are a man and are offended by this, I am not sorry if the shoe fits..

If you are a man and agree with this, congratulations you were raised by a Queen.

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