Having Another Baby



…ok that was clickbait!.. but in all seriousness the issue has came up! ALOT! Since I started online dating, I have had to consider this possibility. I always thought I was done having children. Sure, people state that they do not want anymore kids on their profiles. I have left it blank. This is why.

Many men have asked me if I would consider having MORE! Yes… More! ??? I have always thought that having four kids would make it hard to date. Honestly, very few said they weren’t interested because of my kids.

I have also had people without kids who are totally fine (and welcomed) me having kids, and not having anymore. My friends and I had this conversation at work and most of them agreed- men really don’t really care!

Women, however…do.

(I have never dated anyone with kids and I honestly wouldn’t be opposed, but I already have four, so there’s that!)

At this point of my life would like to be done having babies. It’s hard to say right now how I would feel if I met my soulmate (this sounds crazy to even think about!)

If a man is willing to accept my children, how could I deprive him of having more?

I guess in the right situation with the right husband (giggling and rolling my eyes) maybe I could consider this.

This brings me to what this post is about.

What I am Looking For Right Now

I am newly divorced, in my early thirties and busy. My kids keep me very busy, and so do my clients. I really cherish the time I have with my kids and don’t see myself compromising it much at the moment. I can’t see myself in a serious relationship anytime soon.

My children have not met anyone I have gone on dates with. I do not want any men at my home. I can’t give more than evenings during the weekends at the moment.

I am extremely independent, guarded on my space and my children. I do not feel like I need a man.

I don’t want to come across harsh. I do want to find love, I just will need to take things very slow as far as merging my dating life with my family life.

Right now there isn’t anyone significant in my life. I am very old fashioned when it comes to dating. I want a gentleman and a man who wants to take the lead. A man who pursues. He must love my children as his own. Above all, I want a man who loves Jesus. Someone I can submit to, pray with and raise my family with.

I need a partner, my other half, my equal. I want a best friend, lover and confidant. I want someone who I admire and someone who pushes me to be the best I can be.

I know my worth and refuse to settle again, so I am taking my time and enjoying the moment raising my kids. My life is great right now. The love of my life is out there and I am excited for him to cross my path. Until then, I am praying for him and trust in God and his timing. So far God has been amazing and providing. He has carried me through the depths of despair.

Now he is laying the ground work and I can feel my life shifting in a new direction. Great things are coming.

Tomorrow’s post will be less about relationships and more about my family life and day to day! Thanks for reading .. and thanks for being so supportive! (The cute little baby in the ultrasound is Jack!)



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