Mid June Gardening

I have been working very hard today! I got a lot of weeding done in the garden this afternoon. It just started sprinkling and more is coming later so I have been trying to catch up! The weather this week is cool. 70s-80s, low humidity. All of the windows are open in my house and I have turned the air off for the week.

It feels so nice to enjoy the outdoors and to catch up on some much needed gardening!

Here are some of our green beans




Salad greens

Butter crunch lettuce 🥬 harvest

Tomatoes 🍅!!

Corn 🌽! It’s doing really well. We have about four rows planted. I’m wishing I planted more at this point!

Swiss chard

Garden before …

Garden after !!

Everything is doing so wonderful. I feel very blessed that we will be having another great year!!

Thanks for reading.

All natural cleaning products

I am really trying to make a conscience decision to pay attention to what type of chemicals I bring into my home. That being said, I decided to make a post about some eco friendly, low chemical products.

I bought some glass spray bottles from amazon, and I make a cleaner using vinegar, essential oil and water. It smells AMAZING!

I have a lot of woodwork in my house, so wiping things down with this solution does a great job. It works for windows, wood, counters, pretty much any surface.

We also use our essential oils in our diffusers and have stopped buying fragrance sprays that contain harsh chemicals.

These laundry balls are another purchase I have recently made. They are good for over 1500 washes! They are silicone and inside contain natural ceramic beads. The minerals in these clean your clothes! They are hypo allergenic and great for people with sensitive skin.

To scent your laundry and keep it soft, the vinegar and essential oils are also great to use in your laundry!

If I am not hanging on the clothes line, I am using dryer balls with drops of essential oils on them!

This is also a great alternative to dryer sheets. I still have a stockpile full of laundry products, and once they are completely gone I will not be buying anymore of it.

I am still on the hunt for a good less chemical liquid detergent. I will update when I find one!

I have also recently bought crystal mineral deodorant. It’s made of 100% mineral salts which means it’s hypo allergenic, chemical free, non sticky, non staining, NOT cancer causing !

I have had great success with this. I have tried Schmidt’s before and it has left my under arms very chapped. This does not have a scent; but you could add some essential oils if you wanted. It does the job! It keeps me feeling fresh.

Another product I have recently tried is a menstrual cup. I haven’t had the success most people seem to have. I would be willing to try this again, but have found organic tampons that have no chemicals, and no scent.

If you like posts like this, leave me a comment and I can let you know of other products worth trying!

Birthday fun & catching up

I know I have been alittle absent on the blog. I hope to start doing some daily blogging and get back into the routine of things.

Today was my birthday! When you are 33, birthdays aren’t like they were when you were a kid.

My kids are in summer school. Emma is taking PE so she can get it out of the way and not have to take it her freshman year.

Ava is in a kindergarten prep summer school- she goes half day (8-11)

Thankfully in July they are both over and done with! I have been running around constantly since school let out. Ava is also in tball!

Since school has been let out almost two weeks ago, we have been keeping busy and having fun. The Littles went to Indiana, and during that time me and Emma had some one on one time. We went to the plaza for the weekend, explored the Nelson Museum and had great food and enjoyed our stay at our hotel.

We also ventured to city market and got some produce and had lunch at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant.

Last weekend, we went to the drive in, and saw Aladdin.

fast forward to today, my 33rd birthday! We enjoyed the afternoon at home, visited my neighbor and had a really fun time.

My sweet neighbor invited us to pick some of her strawberries. It was so much fun! We laughed most of the time. Jackson didn’t contribute anything to the bucket, every berry he picked ended up in his mouth. The kids had the bucket completely gone by the time we walked home. Evidence of red stained hands, lips and faces were the only signs of the sweet goodness they got to enjoy earlier.

It was such a wonderful time. I enjoy my neighbor so much!

Later, we went to Starlight to see Wizard of Oz! It was such a lovely day today to enjoy most of it outdoors.

We didn’t get home until almost 11. The kids had such a great time going to the play. They didn’t fall asleep at all during it and were on their best behavior. They were really grateful for the experience and really soaked it all in. I have lots of fun memories going to plays. The first one I went to was South Pacific and I was Ava’s age. I remember a lot of it and hope Ava and Cora do.

It’s fun to have them enjoy “big kid” stuff with me and Emma.

Jack stayed with my mom for the evening. Poor guy, maybe next time he will be big enough to go.

I am excited to enjoy the rest of summer. I like to stay busy and want my kids to have lots of fun experiences. I have many things planned, so I hope you can experience them along side of us by reading this blog.

Tomorrow I will post about my garden. It’s doing very well! The weather is going to be so nice this week. It will allow me to get caught up on all the wedding I have missed because of the rain we have had.

I also want to make a post about cleaning products and house hold products I use. We have been using less chemicals and I am really pleased with it! Hope everyone is having a wonderful beginning of June. So many great blessings are in store this summer!

Simple Strawberry shortcake

There is nothing like strawberry shortcake in the summer! When I eat strawberry shortcake, I love substituting the angel food cake with butter cake. Regular or lemon is great! I do like angel food; I just like pound cake better.

Most of the time, I purchase the cake. It makes it so much easier to whip together. One thing I refuse to purchase is the strawberries w the gel. Yuck! This always tastes weird to me and leaves my tongue feeling numb.

Here is my simple tried and true way to make the best strawberry shortcake ! This is how I grew up eating it!

Strawberry shortcake 🍰 🍓



Pound cake (butter, lemon even strawberry)

Homemade whipped cream (or from the can)

Cut strawberries. Sprinkle sugar until coated in a large bowl. Stir well! I do this a few times. Let it sweat and sit for an hour minimum. The sugar reacts with the strawberries and breaks them down so they are soft. It will make a simple syrup that can also be poured on top of the cake.

Of course the more whipped cream the better!!

This simple strawberry syrup recipe is also great to add to lemonade, sprite, punch, ice cream and other desserts.

Stop buying store bought “gel” that is jam packed with preservatives!


Missy’s perfect fried chicken

I made delicious fried chicken tonight. I have searched so many perfect crispy chicken recipes online. I have finally perfected this and want to share my secret ingredient with you! CLUB SODA!

Here is how I make it:

First salt your chicken this is a must!

3 bowls!

1. Flour

2. Liquid … mix – 4 eggs, 1c flour, 8oz club soda

3. Seasoning mixture -your favorite ingredients (I use a million) w flour

Dip in bowl 1, 2, then three. When you get to three, pack the flour on the chicken. Cup with your hands very well.

Fry in oil. I made the mistake in doing it medium high. Everywhere said to, but it was way too hot. Turn it down a few notches from there.

15 min for drumsticks, 20 for thighs

I always put mine on a cooking sheet in the oven to make sure it’s cooked thoroughly

My kids went crazy for these. I also cooked potatoes to go with it!

I had left over lemons from dinner last night, so I made homemade sparkling strawberry lemonade with it. I used my homemade strawberry syrup & left over club soda. I always make sure to use every ingredient I buy so nothing goes to waste.

I hope this inspires you to cook!!


Xo, Missy

Wild Rice Sausage and mushroom casserole

This was hard to name. I looked all over for a sausage with wild rice recipe that my friend had made me one day and couldn’t find one similar.

I ended up making a completely different recipe.

I found a few online, and kind of just “winged it”. There were so many different variations to this recipe. All of them had rave reviews. I just used what I had on hand in my pantry.

Wild Rice Sausage and mushroom casserole


2c wild rice mix

3tbs butter

3c water

Pinch of salt

(Or make according to directions on container)





1lb mild sausage

1c sharp cheddar cheese

2 cans cream of mushroom soup



1c chicken broth (I eyeballed this, and I’m not sure it’s needed. I used it because I had an open container in my fridge. I really think this could be skipped)

Cook rice

In a saucepan, I added olive oil, onions & celery. Once those are near done, add sausage. You could also add mushrooms. I didn’t have any.

Mix in cream of mushroom soup and broth. Add rice. Sprinkle pepper and parsley. Fold in cheese. Bake in a preheated 350 oven for 30 min.


My kids really liked this. I don’t think it is visually very appealing, but the flavor was great! You can change this recipe to your liking. My kids ate everything on their plates and even got seconds! I would definitely make this again. We really don’t have any picky eaters in our family. My kids love their veggies!

Let me know if you try this recipe!



Bread Pudding Recipe

At the grocery store I saw two containers of croissants on clearance. I immediately got excited because stale bread is perfect for bread pudding! Croissants are my favorite to use!

Here is a simple recipe!

Bread Pudding


2c milk

3tbsp butter

2tsp vanilla extract

1/3c sugar

Pinch of salt

2 beaten eggs

Day old bread, croissants, brioche whatever bread you have

Put all ingredients besides eggs in a pot and warm on medium high until butter is melted and it is simmering lightly. Wisk.

Turn burner off and set aside to cool.

Turn oven on and set it to 350.

Meanwhile, as the liquid cools, cut your bread of choice into cubes.

Place in a greased bread pan. Butter or cooking spray, your preference.

Once the liquid is cooled to room temperature, wisk in your eggs.

Pour liquid all over bread.

Bake for 30-45min. You want some of the edges to look crispy. You can use a knife to make sure it isn’t wet in the middle.

The bread pudding will be very fluffy and moist.

We love ours with a Carmel drizzle!

I’ve had many different types with raisins or orange with cranberries.. even some with a whiskey sauce. This basic recipe will get you started! Get creative 😉